My Gold’s Glitter

All that glitters is not gold,
So they say, so i was told,
But is it right to say without being bitter,
That all that’s gold doesn’t have to glitter?

Will it be true, if I was to ask,
How, through my difficult task
If I stay strong and am no quitter,
will my gold start to glitter?

Don’t get me wrong I feel no pain,
It’s just not that easy to explain,
See I believed that you weren’t a hard hitter
And that is why it’s so hard to see, why my gold it doesn’t glitter

Taken in, lied to, deceived
Different from all I perceived,
You didn’t mock laugh or titter
Just made my gold lose its glitter

So away I went to a brighter day
When all my feelings I’d cast away
Away from myspace facebook and twitter
Away to look for my gold’s lost glitter

Maybe I’ll return to say hi some time,
When my life has reached its prime,
When my soul has stopped to jitter,
And my gold has found its glitter.

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