Tomorrow’s Yesterday

One day in town I met a man
Looking dazed, fazed and beat
In his face was fear,
In his face was worry,
His speech was worn down and slurry.
He told me of the problems that encompassed his life,
How he can’t take care of his three kids and wife
He said if time could be rewound redid and reset
There’s one thing he would do all over again
“Son,” he said “live for the moment, all you really got is today
Store up all your riches in tomorrow’s yesterday
Too many times our generation failed to see
That all you really need is right where you want it to be
Pursue your hopes and dreams as far as you will
And though life’s storms be swirling, at all times your soul must be still”

Later on in the day I met a young boy,
So full of life, his world of untold joy.
His face showed innocence,
His face showed pride,
His face showed no signs of life’s changing tides.
“Hey mister” he asked, this gullible young lad,
“How come you look like you are so sad?”
So I sat down on the pavement and told him a story,
Of how living had lost much of its glory,
How if life could go back and again I’d be a child,
In many ways I’d be way more wild.
I told him I’d live for the moment as all you really got is today,
I’d store up my riches in tomorrow’s yesterday,
Too many times my generation had failed to understand,
That if you do your best, life will go as planned,
I’d focus on my strengths and let be my weaknesses,
Tighten my attacks and have way less defences.

I watched the boy as he walked away,
To join his friend at their joyful play,
And I couldn’t help but hear, when I strained my ear, just what he had to say.
He said “Live for the moment as all you really got is today
Store up your riches in tomorrow’s yesterday”

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