I Just Am

You come in the evening
Claiming to be sad
That you went through the day screaming
And life is so hard
But I just am

You wake up in the morning
All soggy and groggy
And although a new day is dawning
Your attitude is froggy
But I just am

You eat food with such effort
As if coerced by an unknown force
Holding yourself up for support
Lest your milk pours
But I just am

Your sleep is disturbed
As you toss and turn
And quite perturbed
By the nightly fan
But I just am

Your workmates say you work with zeal
That everything you do must excel
And at all moments when they your presence feel
Their work has to be in one of its better spells
But I just am

Your bank account is large
Yet you still ask for an overdraft
And companies seem to merge
To fuel the bottomless shaft
But I just am

You release me for the weekend
And I go back to my home
And dread another week I have to spend
Out in your place alone
Where I just am

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