I’m thinking of you

I'm thinking of you
Though I may be cold and dark
Busy watching as life goes by
Busy being annoyed by annoying people
As life turns and we are shown who we ought to be
What we ought to believe
When we ought to listen
How we ought to behave
Who we ought to associate with
I'm thinking of you
Even if life seems to have turned me into a stone
Hidden from the snares
Please understand
The silence is my shield
The apparent coldness my silent prowess
The minute rebellions against societies norms my cry for attention
And thru all this know
I'm thinking of you
Every morning when I wake up and smell the sunshine
When I decide what clothes to wear
As the water caresses my skin
As I sit in a crowded bus waiting to get off
As I toil and sweat to earn a few meager shillings
As I drag my feet back every evening
As I prepare for the daily rest
As I close my eyes
I'm thinking of you
When I feel like I can't make it through
When I feel like I want to touch the sky
When I cry
When I laugh
When I scream
When I whisper
I'm thinking of you
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Every day
I can't help it
I'm thinking of you

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