This poem

This poem began at the beginning
it began with Abraham
and Eve.

This poem spread to the four corners of the world
From Tokyo to Chicago
From London to Capetown
From China to Canada
From Iraq to America
and Arctic to the Antarctic

This poem was written by the marxists and the capitalists
By the nazis and the jews
By the slaves and the masters
By the colonialists and the colonized
By the elite and the illiterate
and by the powerful and the powerless

This poem was an inspiration
It wrote the bible
the koran
the gita
the customary beliefs
the constitution
the unwritten law
and the moral code.

This poem is powerful
it fell kingdoms
brought kings to their knees
conquered entire galaxies
won hopeles battles
liberated the slaves
and freed guilty conciouses

This poem empowers
it gives power to the powerless
faith to the faithless
hope to the hopeless
motivation to the unmotivated
respect to the unrespected
and love to the unloved

This poem is free
it is not bound by the constitution
nor by acts of parliament
nor by moral codes
nor by commandments
nor by rules of poetry
nor by self inhibitions

This poem is you
its me
its the person walking down the street
its the first to check in in the morning
and the last to go to sleep at night
its the hand that shoves youe face in the dirt
and the one that pulls you out.

This poem wil be despised
it will be preached against by pastors
it will be rejected by the elite
it will be feared by the mases
it will be hidden by the leaders
and talked about in whispers

This poem is religious
it is christian
and pagan

This poem will be feared
it will strike fear in the hearts of kings
cause devils to shiver
give dictators goosebumps
it will make grown men hide in their rooms
and wariors retreat

This poem will be merciful
It will give the starving child food
the homeless man a home
the hopeless mother hope
the struggling artist a break
and the faltering step stability

This poem will be firm
it will not waver under pressure
it shall not change its stand
it will not conform to idealists of society
it will not act to please
but for itself

This poem will speak
it shall not be silent
it will curse kings while in their thrones
C.E.O’s while in their offices
presidents while in power
priests while in their sanctuaries
and assasins while they have their guns.

This poem will be adored
it will be sung in the streets by children
it shall be whistled in the corridirs by cleaners
it shall be used in adverts by companies
it shall be used to let politicians further the trade
and be told and retold by grandparents at the fireplace

This poem is understanding
it showed Colombus America
Vasco da gama India
it declared defeat over the nazis
and trumpled over communiust rule
it brings people to power
and from those with too much it takes away

This poem is artistic
it wrote Vivaldi’s 4th
and Beethoven”s 6th
it painted the sistine chapel
and the Mona lisa
It wrote J.K Rowling’s harry potter
and Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code

This poem is a love story
it is Romeo and Juliet
It is Jacob and Rachel
IT is Ryan Rynolds and Sandra Bulocks
it is grandma and grandpa

This poem will frustrate
it will eat at the hearts of men
it will cause ladies to tear at their hair
and children to cry
it will cause the elite to pore over it at night
and teach the learned

This poem will love
This poem will free
this poem will educate
This poem will frustrate
This poem is long
This poem is over.

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