Now see how the bright stars shone for us
How the night for us did glow
Now watch how the days seemed to pass
How fond of each other we seemed to grow
Who knew that one day we would be apart
Who knew that one day you would let me down
For every thing endeth that has a start
And all that soars must come down

Now see how the dark nights haunt me
How the whisper at night seems so loud
Now see how your tears are falling
Now feel alone in a crowd
Who’d know the days existed
When both lived entwined as one
And every moment together our hearts lifted
Like our time would never be done

Now watch as each new day unfolds
As we toil through our tasks and troubles
Now watch as the misery locks our minds
As we struggle with pains untold
Who knew the day would come
When all would come crashing down
When an end would come to our term
And every smile would turn into a frown

Now watch as the wounds are slowly healing
As joy slowly seems liked an option again
Now watch as frowns slowly fading
And and life seems to take away the pain
Who knew after a time
The world would cease to look so bleak
and lemon would turn to lime
And things wouldn’t be as thick

Now watch as the scars are forming
As the normal turns to taboo
Now watch as the rage that was storming
Becomes your love’s Waterloo
Who knew the cut could go so deep
And penetrate the very bottom of your soul
And though lifes valleys be so steep
I now see why you had to be so cold

Now see how you claim to have moved on
How life has treated you well
Now see how your heart no longer is torn
Between the bitter past and the current spell
Who knew the that one day
After all would have seemingly passed
You’d realise that apart from the different shades of grey
The scars forever they last.

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