All that’s left

In shadows we claim promises
Silent vows of love whispered
Amidst temporary opiatic highs
Shallow breath taken in
Unspoken promises
Unseen vows
Unheard oaths
Held tight
While dark shadows of light dance on the walls
Hidden by flowery lies
Which like crushed petals
Sweeten the scent
If only temporarily

In light we claim attention
A passing glance
A chance meeting of the eyes
To be heard when spoken
Amidst throngs of people
Of which who claim the same
To the natural eye hidden
Yet alive in plain sight
In six inch heels and four inch skirts
In ten pound chains and twenty pound shoes

In darkness we claim love
The soft touch of a caring hand
Slowly exciting though eeringly fast
Always an adventure to each time the same
The voice on your ear pleasing to hear
soft reassurances whispered
Steady rise and fall of chests
Like the tide on an ocean beach that comes and goes
Passion burning within you like a fire
Then like the same dies out
And all that’s left
Is light for within which to claim attention
Shadows for within which to claim promises
Darkness for within which to claim love
And love for within which to find acceptance

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