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Usually one is asked ‘what inspired this book?” Well, poetry did. The idea that poetry can somehow move, change, create and sometimes destroy worlds that we see. It can see through the world as it is, and, sometimes, even as we would like it to be. I wanted to write poetry that talks about Kenya, being young in Kenya and (not)understanding how the system (doesn’t) work.

Copies are available on amazon or by emailing michael@michael.co.ke.

Also check out Brainstorm for essays about/around Kenya every Tuesday.


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  1. The why in question is what the heart has been hiding so the brain can’t get too big to bring the person that doesn’t know why down to nothing. Life takes logic AND emotion. Neither can be without the other as sustenance is two, not one.

  2. Making sense of the world – a search that begins almost at birth. Like most moms, my kids drove me crazy with the ‘why’ question and I probably did the same to my mom. Problem is I still can’t answer the fundamental why that you ask, so I often think that the search itself must be the solution…does that makes sense?!

    1. The journey as the destination. I guess it does, on some level.

  3. To find that spirit that is kindred in the search for a story that simplifies perfection….in other words, I’m SOLD :)

    1. Glad to know you are. Keep reading, spread the word and don’t forget to wash behind your ears :)

  4. HI there, dropped in on you here after reading your guest post at Joe Bunting.
    I’m not familiar with E. Africa. I like the voice I’m reading here… about a common belief in humanity, a need to explore who we are and why we do what we do.
    If you’re interested in a S.E. Asian diasporic perspective that’s similar, but with a different riff, do drop in on me.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Do feel free to walk around and spread the word. I’ll definitely stop by and see what else I can get from Asia, after all, Gangnam style wasn’t too bad.

  5. I’ve been drawn to ur writing since it was introduced to me the other day. Ur words r not only thought provoking but also intriguing. I love a good read & I have to admit, I’m enjoying ur writing a great deal. Some might even say, a bit too much :). I have found a retreat. Keep up the incredible writing! Totally sold!


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