Vile creature,
I can feel you surfing on my sensations,
Just off the coast of my desires,

Oblivious to my Messiah,

A thousand desires screaming for attention,
The shrill shrieks of legion starved,
My heart throwing tantrums!

Dinner for my demons,

Anti-thesis to my spiritual resolve.

By Chaka Sichangi. You can see more writing by him here

3 thoughts on Temptation

  1. Temptation….. such a vile creature!!!!…..

    The persona is so helpless…I am so tempted to dig in and discover what temptation strangles him/her like that…

    "The shrill shrieks of legion starved"…kind of makes me picture those horror movies I have watched where bats shriek in darkness as they fly from one corner of the cave to another…

    I think temptation here does stand as a strong villain … It is a situation we all have faced one time or another

  2. Temptation here is a creature…nice. I like the way you say it surfs off the coast of desires. Reminds me of a surfer riding a wave drawing ever closer to the shore…that's very inteligent of you.
    And i like the humaness of the persona, if such a word exists. He/she is human in that we all try to resist temptation and it is a struggle as serious and labourous as described but as chaka says, demons must feed.


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